How To Register on SchoolTube For an Organization Account, that is not a School or District.

How do I register if I don't belong to a school or school district?

If you are not associated with a k-12 school or school district, please follow these steps…

1. Click Sign Up at the top right corner of

2. Select “Register” inside the “Are You an Organization?” blue colored box on the lower left portion of the page.

3. You will then be taken to a page that will ask for your Organization Information. Please fill in all of the areas so our team can process your request accurately. If you do not complete each field required the process may take longer than normal.

4. Beneath the Organization Information area you will notice the Account Information area. This portion will create your account on SchoolTube. Please fill in each area completely.  Only use numbers, letters and underscores ( _ ) in your username.

5. Once you complete all of the steps above, your Organization Information will be sent to the SchoolTube Team.

     -Your Account Information will be automatically processed and will be placed in a Temporary Organization.

     -At this point you will have the ability to upload but the videos will not be immediately approved for viewing.

     -You will need to select the Moderator listed “SchoolTube_Waiting_Room”. 

If you have any questions please send a Help Desk Ticket (, or a Contact Us Form (on the Contact text at the bottom of the website).

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