"Just My School" setting on Upload Page

Hi Everyone, 

When you select “Just My School” under the “Video Privacy Settings” area on the upload screen you are making the video only viewable to registered users who have created their account under your school.  So if you plan on sharing the video you marked “Just My School” with a parent, the parent must create an account under your school on SchoolTube just like you all have.  The video, once approved, can only be found by searching the exact title on the website while logged in or shared via providing the URL while already logged in.  At the moment the video will not appear in your channel or School/ Organization page. 

So to recap, the video can only be found and seen if you are logged in and are a registered user attached to the same school as the user who uploaded it.  If you are not logged in and try to view the link provided you will get an error that says… “Error: This is video is not visible to you”.

Moderators: You can view the videos selected as “Just My School” in your moderator panel regardless if they were uploaded by you or a non-moderator registered under your school.

However, you can embed the video and anyone can view it without being logged in.

NOTE: We are updating this feature soon and the videos selected as “Just My School” will be viewable in the School/ Organization page and the Users Channel but will only be viewable if the registered users are logged in.

Update: If you marked your video "Just My School" and want it to be public, you can either upload a new version and mark it "Public" or submit a help desk ticket requesting it to be changed to public.( I will need the username for the account you used to uploaded the video and the exact title)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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