How long does it take for my video to appear on SchoolTube and in my channel?

Videos uploaded to SchoolTube are encoded into .MP4 format before they are ready for moderation and public viewing. Encoding can take from 20 minutes to a few hours depending upon how many frames the video has and how many other videos are being uploaded to the site at the same time. Once a video is encoded it is ready for moderation. Videos uploaded by approved moderators are automatically moderated and go live as soon as encoded.

Videos uploaded by students or other non-moderators will need to be reviewed by a moderator registered under the uploaders organization. Once approved by the moderators the video may be publicly viewed on SchoolTube. The moderator approval process can take from a few minutes to a day or two, depending upon how frequently the moderator checks their email.

If there is no moderator for the uploaders organization, the video will not be seen publicly on SchoolTube, as it will remain in a non-moderates state. Uploaders without moderators are advised to request that a teacher’s form their school register as a moderator so that there is someone to approve the video.


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    craig reeder

    i am very confused about who is a moderator.  i just want to post a video to be used in schools.  i'm not sure what I'm supposed to do about a moderator.  can someone please explain to me  what i need to do? thanks.!!

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    Marla Friedler

    You have to register with a school if you want to be a moderator. 

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    maya caesar
    okay so i have to ask my teacher to be a moderator?!
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    Scott Dan

    It sounds like you are a student. If you're a student, you can't be a moderator. Only the teacher can be the moderator.

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    Jeff Johnston


    If you have questions concerning your account please submit a help ticket on the top right of this page in the blue box.

    Scott & Marla's information was correct, if you are a student please have an educator register to be a moderator.

    Have a great day.


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    Sandy Williams

    How long does it take to receive the email with the link to a video that has been uploaded successfully. Thanks.

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    Jeff Johnston

    @Sandy, There is an issue with the email notification after uploading at the moment.  We expect the issue to resolved very shortly.

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