How do I become a moderator?

By signing up as an educator for, you're already on your way to becoming a moderator.

Once we receive your registration, a member of our staff will verify you are an educator. Once you've been confirmed, our staff member will update your account to make you a moderator. This process may take a day or two (longer over a weekend). 

If you think there is an issue feel free to email 


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    Gal Springman

    Please check my moderation status.



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    Chris Champion

    the correct email is  - the link above is wrong.

    ST Admin: It has been corrected, sorry about the spelling mistake!

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    Stephanie Wallace

    Could you please check my moderation status as well please. We have been trying to get this to work since May.



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    Amanda Vigil

    Please make me a Moderator!

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    Jeff Mason

    Can only Teachers become Moderators?

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    Anthony Hicklin

    I need to be a moderator.

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    Matthew Norris

    I too need to become a moderator.

    Thanks, Matt

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    Mary Grace Kelly

    I mistakenly signed up as a student.  Is there a way to change my status so that I can use the username that I registered for.  Thanks! 

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    Marty Ross

    I would also like to be designated as a moderator for my school.


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    Jennifer Hurley

    I need to be added as a moderator for my school

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    April Smith

    I need to be added as a moderator to Terry Middle School so that  my students can upload their videos to the TMS channel. Once I am a moderator, how will my students upload THEIR videos to the TMS channel? Will they all have to create an account or how does that work? Sorry, I am new to schooltube!

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    Cheryl-Lynn Mecka

    I would like to be set as a moderator. Many thanks!

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